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Pre-Merger IT Due Diligence.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) are among the most intense and challenging activities in business. Managing the IT integration risk associated with a merger has become a major component in determining the ultimate success or failure of M&A activities.  If you look around at all the merger and acquisition activity going on today, you see a lot of deals taking place without properly evaluating technology. The fact is, IT plays a critical role in determining how effectively the merged organization is able to integrate processes and people, as well as deliver products and services to internal and external customers.

Smart buyers know due diligence doesn’t stop with the financial reports.

adrytech has developed a comprehensive IT Due Diligence Program leveraging our detailed IT evaluation and security assessment methodology. As part of our IT Due Diligence process, we address our client’s requirements to understand an acquisition target’s IT environment. IT Due Diligence requires additional understanding in specific areas. This primarily includes the capability, scalability, and stability of the target company’s IT infrastructure. The personnel who perform IT Due Diligence must also know the operation and support costs of the IT department as well as the target company’s dependence on technology.

adrytech provides Merger & Acquisition services that enable our clients to understand the full IT risk profile of M&A transactions and determine the most effective way to integrate new organizations. We deliver IT Due Diligence services as part of an overall deal analysis and IT Post Merger Integration services upon completion of transactions.

To ensure that every engagement maximizes our clients’ investment and yields accurate results, adrytech examines all of the IT infrastructure including:

  • Examination of inventory, diagrams, standards & technical implementations
  • Evaluation of all applications & databases for importance and sustainability
  • Assessment of IT service delivery & service support functions
  • Inspection of IT organizational structure & support of critical business processes

adrytech will map the target company’s IT strengths, weaknesses, and hidden deficiencies to acquisition priorities. The results provide a better understanding of the target companies IT organization. A roadmap for future investment requirements is included.