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Vendor Selection
For many organizations the success or failure of IT initiatives is based on the selection of the appropriate technology vendor. Despite the critical nature of this process, many organizations underestimate the time and effort it takes to make a well-informed decision. adrytech provides independent advice and assistance. We have helped our clients in evaluating and selecting enterprise wide business systems, as well as solutions for specific industry verticals, best of breed software applications and the hardware and network infrastructure required to support their business. We start by defining our clients’ unique business and technical requirements. In gathering requirements we not only look at the way you do business at present but also help you see possibilities of process improvement with the assistance of our experienced professionals.

adrytech’s Approach to Vendor Selection

  • Start up and preparation process
  • Preparation of Functional Requirements
  • Screening of Solutions
  • Evaluation of Finalist Submittals
  • Finalist Evaluation and Selection
  • Negotiation and Pricing
  • Development of Implementation Plan

    At adrytech, we help our clients’ progress through the various selection stages from development of requirements to vendor evaluation and contract negotiation, thereby greatly accelerating the process of vendor selection.