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Ransomware Reality Check: How a Ransomware Attack Impacts Your Bottom Line

Hands holding money in front of a laptop—Ransomware attack

Ransomware attacks are a threat to your company’s finances and reputation. Every minute of downtime can cost thousands of dollars, and the recovery process can be even more costly. This guide outlines the real cost of these attacks and how to protect your business from future consequences. What Is the Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack? […]

The Human Factor: How Managed Cybersecurity Addresses Insider Threats

managed cybersecurity expert using computer

Using managed IT services can make you feel better about your online safety, but what about threats that come from employees? Yes, insider threats are very real and can potentially cause major damage to your business. But don’t worry, because managed cybersecurity understands and addresses these and other risks. Understanding Insider Threats So, where do […]

Reduce Your Business Cyber Risk By Creating a Security Culture

employees looking at laptop discussing cyber risks

You’re at work and receive a seemingly important-looking email from a fellow employee. You click on the link at the bottom—and your computer freezes. You just experienced a cyber attack. In the past 12 months, 66% of businesses in the United States have encountered similar attacks. Your employees need to understand how to avoid a […]

Understanding Cyber Insurance and How to Secure It for Your Business

team of employees looking at computer discussing cyber insurance coverage

When it comes to securing your business, cyber insurance is more than a friendly suggestion—it’s a necessity. Imagine your worst nightmare coming true—a hacker accesses your customer data, infects your business systems with malware, or launches a ransomware attack.  Cyber insurance can help you recover from these events and protect your business against financial losses. […]

How to Best Protect Your Data Backup From Ransomware and Other Security Issues

employee on laptop helping with ransomware protection

Ransomware attacks are on the rise; out of all the victims, 32% pay the ransom, but only 65% get their data back. It is important to have safeguards in place for protecting your data from malicious attacks so your business isn’t at risk. Here are some of the best ways to enlist ransomware protection so […]

Experienced A Data Breach? Here Is What You Need To Do Next?

team discussing data breach response after a security incident

45% of U.S. companies experienced a data breach in 2023. When you first experience a data breach, the automatic go-to is to panic!  While this fear is understandable, it is important to respond correctly and swiftly to help minimize the damage caused by a cyber security breach. The critical steps for a data breach response […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Cybersecurity Regulations

employee using computer to comply with cybersecurity regulations

With the world going cyber, the need for cybersecurity has become more of a necessity than a suggestion. Digital attacks pose a threat that goes beyond any physical breach of security, as the effects can be felt organization-wide. But with so many laws and cybersecurity regulations, it can be hard to keep track of what […]

Are Cyber Attacks Increasing Over The Holidays?: How You Can Stay Vigilant With Cyber Security

hacker attacking system over the holidays

According to CISA, “Recent 2021 trends show malicious cyber actors launching serious and impactful ransomware attacks during holidays and weekends.” As the holidays approach companies will often switch into holiday mode and neglect cyber security. However, it is during these times when cybercriminals are more likely to attack. You can prevent a cyber attack during […]

Pentest Tools Gone Wrong: How Hackers Are Using the Brute Ratel Red Team Tool

Data analysts pointing on charts on computer monitors while testing security software in office,

New technologies make the world go round—we love when a digital advancement makes our lives easier or more efficient. But unfortunately, the tools we use to make our lives better can just as easily be used to exploit weaknesses and cause harm. This is exactly what’s been happening with certain pentest and red team tools. […]