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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

maintenance engineer working on data backup

When Equifax employees neglected to update their systems, they suffered great financial loss—$575 million to be exact. The company had to pay millions of dollars in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. In turn, their reputation took a blow as they were accused of not taking proper precautions to protect their customers’ data. Data […]

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: How to Maintain Resilience and Continuity for Your Business

employees discussing disaster recovery in the cloud

If you’re expending a big chunk of resources on cybersecurity, you might assume your data is safe and secure. Unfortunately, data loss and disruption can occur anywhere—even with the newest and most innovative security measures. That’s where disaster recovery in the cloud comes into play. What Is Disaster Recovery in the Cloud? Disaster recovery (DR) […]

Managed Backup Services: 7 Ways Data Backups Can Benefit Your Business

server technician using managed backup services

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, no one is immune to a data breach. In March 2023 alone, 41.9 million data breaches occurred across the world. The threat only rises as time goes on and cyber threats grow more advanced. That’s where data backup services step in—a protective tool every business should […]

Is Your Business Prepared For The Unexpected: Key Elements to Include In Your Disaster Recovery Plan

technician working on server going through disaster recovery plan

The possibility of unexpected disasters—whether natural or man-made—can lead to serious and costly consequences for organizations that are unprepared. But with 88-95% of data breaches being caused by human error, it’s safe to say that no business or organization is completely immune to the destructive consequences of a disaster. One way to protect your business […]